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The most affordable
payroll system in Denmark






With Gratisal you can customize your payroll system to your particular needs. Prices from 0-15 kr. per payslip.

Med Gratisal lønsystem kan du fra 0-15 kroner pr. lønseddel skræddersy systemet efter lige netop dine behov.

Your employees have online access to download payslips and edit their master data, which creates transparency for you and your employees.

With Gratisal you ensure that your employees understand their payslips with an easy overview of what they will get paid, and what they will pay in taxes.

Gratisal is the first payroll system, where it’s possible to send payslips in draft form to your employees, who can report back on errors before they get their actual payslip.


Payroll system

Gratisal is the most affordable payroll system in Denmark with prices from DKK 0-15 per. payslip.
It can be customized to your needs and you will not pay for more than you actually use.


Payroll system with prices from DKK 0-15.

Gratisal makes payroll administration easy and accessible for everyone.

Our free version provides you with a complete payroll system that automatically reports to SKAT, FerieKonto and ATP. If you wish to make use of Gratisals optional features, you can read more by clicking the menu item “Features”.

We continuously expand the payroll system with exciting add-on solutions. You can already integrate your accounting system with Gratisal today if you use WorkBook, Dinero, Billy, e-conomic or Uniconta.

In addition, you can provide your employees with the LogBuy benefit card with discounts to 3.000 major brands and retailers throughout the country.

Lønsystem med let og overskuelig lønseddel


Not one company or industry are the same. Therefore, it is possible to use and customize Gratisal according to your companies exact needs. Here we offer you an insight into some of the industries we are already represented in.

Lønsystem til uddannelsessektoren

The education industry

It should be easy to batch a payroll and when it comes to The Education Sector our system is designed to match your collective bargaining.


Lønsystem til servicebranchen

The service industry

You need to use your time wisely and with Gratisal it takes no more than five minutes to obtain data from your employees and send them their payslips.


Lønsystem til bureau- og konsulentbranchen

The Bureau- and consulting industry

In case your company uses affiliate freelancers the system makes it easy for you to report B-income fees.


Lønsystem til vikarbranchen

The Temp. employment industry

Gratisal takes complex terms of employment into account as for example temp solutions, which will benefit your company.


Salary for both large and small companies

Gratisal has cracked the code in relation to creating a cloud-based payroll system that matches the needs of the big companies and the accountant does not even have to code into the system.

This means, that companies with less than 2.000 employees, which are too small to have an actual payroll department, will be able to handle part-time payment in an efficient way.

In practice, Gratisal is build upon an open API and automation that makes the system flexible in terms of your actual needs. We have changed the payroll types in to processes, whereby the complexity decreases correspondingly when the payroll is to be executed.

More than 100 employees?

If your company has more than a 100 employees, we guarantee that your change to Gratisal is refunded in 3 to 6 months due to higher efficiency, lower licensing costs and fewer errors in the payroll process.


With Gratisals popular integration module, you can easily and quickly integrate Gratisal with a wide range of ERP, accounting and financial systems.

Payslips that everybody can understand

Why should payslips require a long education in accounting to understand and at the same time resemble something from a 1980s printer?

Our intuitive payslip offers the employee the most relevant information presented in a way that is understandable: What is my salary? How much should I pay in taxes? How much do I get paid?

If you want more details than those immediately presented in the payslip, just open the specification for the individual pay entries.

Gratisal also supports payslips in English for foreign employees.


We are really happy to use Gratisal as our payroll system. The system is intuitive, and the dashboard creates a good overview, so the whole payroll process becomes faster and easier. It is also very beneficial that the system is developed to handle the data flexibly. That has given us the opportunity to create automated processes that saves us time in our day to day work

CrossFit Copenhagen
Peter Schow Jensen
Chief Finance Officer

The dashboard function in Gratisal creates a great overview and the whole system is very intuitive. In addition, Gratisal's payslips are very easy to relate to which is a hug advantage because it really reduces time spend on understanding the payslip. We also experienced that the team was very open to tailoring and adjusting the system to our needs. We are happy with our decision to choose Gratisal as our payroll system.

Danske Skoleelever
Robert Holst Andersen
Head of Secretariat

Gratisal is very intuitive and easy to navigate in, which means that you quickly gain an overview over the employee informations. The possibility to access real time data and check the pay batches is important for me, as it is part of my job function to have full knowledge of the payroll system and communicate any changes. Gratisal’s payslips are quick to read and all the essential informations are easy to find. That is not always the case, and I see a big difference as the number of questions from employees regarding their payslips has declined.

Christa Plambek
HR Manager

I was high with enthusiasm when the first payroll batch was done. Obviously, I had a lot of help from Ditte Olin who is a supporter/developer at Gratisal. The loading of EP-Win happens through an Excel sheet – easy, fast and overseeable. I had a notion that the entry of hourly wages would take a long time – it didn’t. Finding employee data is very easy as well as correcting salary records. The payslips are constantly updated and if an error should occur you get warned on a regular basis. When you finalize, all your data gets sent directly to the tax authorities, the bank, the pension and so on.

AOF Gentofte, Gladsaxe og Lyngby-Taarbæk
Lisbeth Blomgren
Course Secretary

Gratisal is very easy to use. The opportunity to access real-time data gives us a good overall picture of the employees' hours, and that reduces the time spend on batching payrolls. The interactive payslip is easy to understand which is a big advantage, especially in our industry, where special hourly rates that must be taken into account. The open API of Gratisal has given us the opportunity to tailor the system to our specific need. That means that we can, for example, take into account the collective agreements that our employees and industry are subject to. All in all, are we really happy to use Gratisal as our payroll system.

Stokholm Transport
Bent Larsen
Finance Manager

We started using Gratisal back in mid 2017 and were pleasantly surprised at how intuitive the system was. The intuitive function is really important for us in our everyday life. We are a company that grows and that is why we prioritize our time trying to develop our company instead of making payrolls. Gratisal helps us with that. Furthermore, it does not hurt that the system is cheaper than any other available on the market.

Jacob Mikkelsen

We first noticed Gratisal because of a campaign they launched in 2017. At first it was the price that appealed to us. When we tried the system we quickly discovered how easy and efficient it actually was to use. It is really important for us to spend our time wisely, and not spend too much time on salary-administration. The system helps us with that. Gratisal reduces the amount of time it takes to batch payrolls, even when using manual input, and that is why we still use Gratisal with great satisfaction.

Karsten Mosegaard
Sales- and Service Manager

We are very satisfied with using Gratisal as our payroll system. The dashboard provides us with a detailed overall picture of our payroll activities. The system easily integrated with our accounting programs, which allowed us to create some automated processes and that released our economy function. In addition, we chose to outsource our finance- and economy processes to Gratisals sister company CapWorks. Working with Gratisal and CapWorks has been at great joy and they always approach our questions and/or challenges in a solution-oriented way.

The Color Club
Eva Kemp
Studio Manager

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If you are interested in Gratisal – either as bookkeeper or company, then we are of course available with more information. Contact us via the form below or by phone at 71 99 11 22. It is also possible to contact us at

Note: We recommend using the chat for support issues. If you are already a user of the system, please note that system support is not free. However, it is possible to purchase free mail/chat support through our package solutions. You can read more about this under “Prices”, or under the tab “Extra” when you are logged in.