About us

Gratisal is built by payroll specialists, which is why it is possible for our payroll engine to meet a large company’s needs while the system at the same time is flexible in regards to the individual company’s actual needs. Below you can read more about the motivation behind Gratisal as well as some of the people behind it.


About us

Below you can read about the motivation behind Gratisal as well as some of the people behind it.

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The story of Gratisal

Gratisal has been on the market since spring 2016 and is being used by over 4.000 companies.

This includes af nice mixture of everything from small companies with few payslips to large Danish and international companies where the amount of payslips exceeds 2.000 a month.

The idea of Gratisal was originated by the lack of flexibility in the existing providers on the market.

Getting an affordable payroll system that could be adapted to the individual company’s needs without costing a great deal in implementation simply had to be easier. Companies have always been dynamic and the same should go for a company’s payroll system.

At the same time it was essential that the payroll engine wasn’t being compromised in spite of it being an inexpensive, modularly built and intuitive payroll system.

The last argument supporting the need of a new payroll system such as Gratisal was the many errors on payslips. Gratisal was built to make payroll management easy and accessible for all. It had to be easy to run a quick and more accurate pay so that companies could spend their time developing instead of operating as well as employees getting what they deserved; an easy and understandable payslip showing correct amounts.

These were the arguments, that have formed Gratisal into the payroll system that it is today.

Behind Gratisal

Do you want to meet the people behind Gratisal? Here you can get a glimpse of their backgrounds and the motivations behind their work.

Frants E. Moraitis

Co-founder & CEO

Frants is CEO and partner at Gratisal.

Frants has worked with payroll for many years, including payment outsourcing in accounting firms such as KPMG and PwC. Here, up to eight different payroll systems were being used to cover the needs of the individual company.

From here the idea of creating a flexible payroll system emerged; a system that would always cover the individual company’s needs even if the amount of employees went from 10 to 100 over a period of years.

In addition, there was a huge interest in developing a payroll system that made payroll management easy and accessible for all, making it possible to eliminate a lot of the payroll mistakes/errors, that every other Dane has experienced.

Below you can see an excerpt of Frants’ resumé:

  • CapWorks
    – CEO & Founder
  • PwC
    – Partner m. payment outsourcing responsibilities
  • KPMG Net Source
    – Director
  • Exsis Network (Sold to KPMG)
    – CEO & Founder
  • KPMG
    – Accountant
You can read more on Frants’ LinkedIn profile here.

Tejn V. Nielsen

Partner & CCO

Tejn is CCO and partner at Gratisal.

Tejn has an in-depth experience with software targeting finance and payroll. He has a background in sales, management and business development where he through the past 25 years has contributed to innovative solutions, automatized processes and a direct focus on satisfied customers.

Tejn has a passion for developing clients, coworkers and business which is the main force in his professional work. He wishes to optimize and streamline clients’ administration by using technology to minimize mistakes/errors and this way helping clients be more efficient as well as improving their competitiveness.

Below you can see an excerpt of Tejn’s resumé:

  • Dansk Revision 
    – Commercial Director
  • Support-Team 
    – CEO and boardmember
  • Bluegarden 
    – Director in Small Enterprise & Partners. Sales, Marketing and Retention
    – Director, Large Enterprise & Partners. Sales.
  • E-conomic 
    – Country Manager
  • DBVision 
    – Sales Director
You can read more on Tejn’s LinkedIn profile here.

Daniel Đỗ Binau

Co-founder & CTO

Daniel is CTO and partner at Gratisal.

Daniel is an experienced back-end developer with specialty in ERP and finance solutions. His career consists of rolls such as a developer, project manager, supporter, consultant and eventually as an end user which has given him a unique insight to how a CTO can see aforementioned solutions in several different perspectives.

Also, Daniel appreciates building a bridge to cover the ‘terminology gap’ that oftentimes exists between technical and business oriented employees, which is why development always starts with an in-depth understanding of the users reality.

Below you can see an excerpt of Daniel’s resumé:

  • CapWorks
    – CTO & Partner
  • Klestrup Partners
    – Software Developer
  • WorkBook
    – Support Manager & Senior Developer
  • CBB Mobil
    – Software & Data Analysis Consultant
You can read more on Daniel’s LinkedIn profile here.

Do you want to meet the rest of the team?

Above, only a few of the people working to create an even better payroll system for you are included. You can meet the rest of the team by following this link.

A part of ECIT

During the early summer of 2019, Gratisal became a part of the ECIT family, which we are very excited about. With ECIT we have gotten an excellent co-player that works with great entrepreneurship to move the industry – exactly as we do in Gratisal.

ECIT operates through a philosophy where every single company acts locally and where skills are to be used collectively in the organisation. With ECIT we get the force from a larger organisation, while still upholding the strength in being an agile company with close contact to our customers.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Head of Marketing & Communications, Marcus Birk, at [email protected] or +45 93 60 53 20. For more information about the ECIT-group, click here.co

Contact us

If you are interested in Gratisal – either as a bookkeeper or customer – then we are of course available with more information. Contact us via the formula below or by phone at +45 71 99 11 22. It is also possible to contact us at [email protected]

Note: If you already are a user of the system, please not that the system support is not free.

In addition, we recommend that you use the chat for support issues. It is possible to purchase free mail/chat support through our package solutions. You can read more about this under “Prices” or under the tab page “Extra”, when you are signed in.