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Unlimited amount of salary posts and employees FREE
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Reports automatically to SKAT and automatic collection of tax card FREE
Multiple types of employment per employee FREE
Department division FREE
Accounting file to match your account plan FREE
Integration with economy systems e-conomic, Dinero, Billy, and Uniconta FREE
Vacation accounting FREE
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Automatic transactions to employees, SKAT, and Pension through NETS-agreement 0,90 DKK per payslip
Automatic transaction to NemKonto 1,10 DKK per payslip
Foreign payments (possible from medio October 2017) 20,00 DKK per payslip
Open language selection in the system and the individual payslips 5,00 DKK per payslip
Design your own salary templates 2,50 DKK per payslip
Employees pre-approve salary 2,50 DKK per payslip
Receive payslips in e-Boks 5,00 DKK per payslip
Time Management (BETA) 0,00 DKK when BETA version
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10,00 DKK per month/employee
Online education and installation from your own data, approx ½ hour

249,00 DKK per session
System support via e-mail, chat or phone in elapsed time (without subscription)

12,50 DKK per minute
Unlimited system support/subscription via e-mail and chat 5,00 DKK per payslip