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  • Whether you are an accountant, an employee or a manager, you need only one single Gratisal account to be able to work within all the companies, in which you are involved.

    You will always have your unique access that will let you access whichever companies you may currently work with or for. Thus your personal data and payslip archive will always be available, even from previous employments.

    Gratisal naturally supports role-based access restrictions enabling users to view and manipulate data only when they are cleared to do so.

  • Templates for quickly setting up new employees.
    Gratisal makes it quick and easy to set up new employees.

    You can create templates for the typical employees and easily use the template for setting up new employees.
    If needed, the template settings can of course be deviated from regarding specific employees.

  • Easy and intuitive Payroll management.

    Gratisal lets you enter payroll items in four different ways: fixed, per period, ad hoc or fixed with changing amounts.You will never again have to reenter the same information nor remember to change or remove obsolete items.
    No more post-it’s reminding you what to do for the upcoming payroll batchs; Whenever you want, you can enter data into the payroll, even for future periods.

  • Get a birds-eye view.
    Gratisal provides you with a single screen view where you can look at and enter in payroll data for all employees at once.

    This provides a unique overview of your next payroll batch and lets you enter every relevant data in one screen.

    Furthermore Gratisal enables you to import salary data from Excel and other file types.