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Bureau- og konsulentbranchen

What aspects of the bureau- and consulting industry do Gratisal take into account? You will find the answer to that question further down. In addition, you can read about the production studio The Color Clubs experiences using the system.

Hvilke aspekter af bureau- og konsulentbranchen, har vi taget højde for i udviklingen af Gratisal? Dette spørgsmål kan du få svar på her.



What aspects of the bureau- and consulting industry do Gratisal take into account? Find the answer here and read about the The Color Club's experiences with the system

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Easy to report B-income fees

It is important you put your time to good use and for that reason you should not spend eternities batching payrolls.

We have made an intuitive system where the salary processes are automated and where we take care of bank transfers and reportings to tax authorities and pensions.

That is why you will save time using Gratisal.

A payslip that fits your industry

The system takes all aspects of the bureau- and consulting industry that may influence the payslip into account.

If your company uses affiliate freelancers the system will make it easy for you to report B-income fees. In case some of your freelancers only speak foreign languages or if they want their salary transferred to foreign accounts our system supports this by layers of languages, flexible texts and integrated foreign transfers which can easily reduce exchange costs by a 100 DKK per transfer.

In the bureau- and consultant industry there is a need for time registering. Therefore, Gratisal has been tailor-made to take time registering into account. You will easily be able to integrate Gratisal with your economy- and time registering system and import your consultants’ data.

The Color Club

In this video you can see Martin Moos, Founder and Managing Director of The Color Club, telling about their use of Gratisal. You can also find a written statement from the Studio Manager of The Color Club, Eva Kemp, just below the video.

“We are very satisfied using Gratisal as our payroll system. Gratisals dashboard provides us with a detailed overall picture of our payroll activities.The system easily integrated with our accounting programs, which allowed us to create some automated processes and that released our economy function.In addition, we chose to outsource our finance- and economy processes to Gratisals sister company CapWorks.Working with Gratisal and CapWorks has been at great joy and they always approach our questions and/or challenges in a solution-oriented way."

The Color Club
Eva Kemp
Studio Manager

“Gratisal is very intuitive and easy to navigate in, which means that you quickly gain an overview over the employee informations. The possibility to access real time data and check the pay batches is important for me, as it is part of my job function to have full knowledge of the payroll system and communicate any changes. Gratisal’s payslips are quick to read and all the essential informations are easy to find. That is not always the case, and I see a big difference as the number of questions from employees regarding their payslips has declined.”

Christa Plambek
HR Manager

Contact us

If you are interested in Gratisal – either as bookkeeper or company, then we are of course available with more information. Contact us via the form below or by phone at 71 99 11 22. It is also possible to contact us at

Note: We recommend using the chat for support issues. If you are already a user of the system, please note that system support is not free. However, it is possible to purchase free mail/chat support through our package solutions. You can read more about this under “Prices”, or under the tab “Extra” when you are logged in.