Our vision

At Gratisal we want to rethink both payroll administration and the processes surrounding us. We meet companies’ needs from a new perspective and provide solutions as they should have been from the start – not just modifications of the status quo.

Payrolls and payslips should be easy to understand

We aim to demystify and simplify salary management for management, employees, and accountants.

It is our mission to enable all accountants to prepare payrolls in an easy and intuitive manner – and for employees to actually understand the content of their payslips and easily locate the information, which they really care about.

Salary software for employees

Gratisal aims to become the preferred choice of managers and accountants and also provide a system designed for the employees.

As an employee you can view and edit your own data and see your interactive payslips from current and former employments. In 2016, employees will have access to a wide range of features.

It’s free!

As our name suggests, the core features of Gratisal will cost nothing to use. We want to be the best solution in the market, but also the cheapest – and it is hard to compete with gratis payroll.